Is managing your homeowners association, condo association and office building overwhelming? Our management firm can help. The experts at Southern Property Management Group, LLC, will take over the difficult organization, maintenance, and management tasks and make your home, condominium, or office building a better place to live. We help condo owners in the Birmingham, AL, area increase their property values and love where they live.

Superior Property Management

We believe that effective communication is essential to understand what a condominium association needs, and we will develop close relationships with the members of your association and board to facilitate that understanding. To decrease costs and increase satisfaction, we take care of potential problems proactively, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Affordable Maintenance and Cleaning

Whether you want to live in a beautiful and clean homeowners association or condominium association, or work in a neatly organized and well-maintained commercial property, we can make it happen. We have connections to several vendors in the area, so you’ll get superior service and workmanship at an affordable price. From landscaping to roadwork or any other routine maintenance or repair, every detail will be taken care of. We’ll also work directly with all other homeowners to ensure that everyone abides by the rules of the association and does their part to maintain the value of the property.

Organized Accounting and Budgeting

Small financial mistakes can have big consequences; we’ll take that stress off your shoulders with pristine financial records where every penny is accounted for. Our accountants handle every part of the process, including collecting payments from owners, paying vendors and insurance premiums, and preparing annual budgets.

We’ll make your priorities our priorities and budget your money so that every need is fulfilled. With our help, you can live and work peacefully in your home, condo or office building without worrying about mismanagement of finances. We pride ourselves on our innovative, service-oriented management, so leave the tough jobs to us and enjoy your property.

To learn more about our homeowners, condominium association, and office management firm, contact us at (205) 568-2533.