Caretaking Services

Welcome to Southern Property Management Group, LLC– where your property’s well-being is our top priority. Elevate your ownership experience with our personalized caretaking services designed to exceed your expectations.

Our comprehensive range of services includes regular property inspections (typically once a week), maintenance, snow removal, cleaning, plant care, grocery shopping, airport shuttles, bookkeeping, and more. At Southern Property Management Group, LLC, we pride ourselves on tailoring our offerings to meet the unique needs of each property owner.

Rest easy knowing your property is in the capable hands of our skilled and dedicated staff. From routine maintenance to specialized services, we’ve got you covered. Whether you prefer working with specific vendors or entrusting us to leverage our valued relationships with subcontractors in plumbing, heating, electrical, and beyond – we are here to make your property ownership experience seamless and stress-free.

Experience the ultimate in property care with Southern Property Management Group, LLC. Your peace of mind starts with us.

Our Caretakers