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8 Common Myths About HOA Management Companies Debunked

Hiring an HOA management company is beneficial for your association as it ensures smooth operations, streamlines communication, and enforces rules and guidelines. It also safeguards the best interest of your community without compromising the board’s authority.

Regrettably, several misconceptions surround HOA management companies, making homeowners and board members perceive them negatively. Let’s debunk eight common misconceptions about HOA management companies so that you can consider hiring one confidently. Read on to learn more.

1. HOA Management Company Makes the Board Obsolete

The management company does not control or replace your board, and the board remains the supreme authority and retains its responsibilities. The company uses its skills and experience to support the board’s operations and handle the association’s daily operations. While the company works closely with the board, the board is still the final decision-maker.

2. A HOA Management Company Increases Association Fees

Although hiring an HOA management company is not free, it does not necessarily affect association fees. The board may not raise association fees but use the available funds to pay the HOA management company. The company will work with your board to offer strategic direction for the community and identify ways to cut costs.

3. HOA Management Companies Are Similar

Although HOA management companies have similar roles and responsibilities, they are different. The secret is to choose the company that meets your community’s unique needs and ensures things run smoothly.

An exceptional HOA management company should take up various responsibilities. First, they communicate effectively with board members and homeowners. Second, they handle violations and offer accurate and timely financial reports. Third, they nurture good relations with the board, community members, and service providers.

4. HOA Management Companies Specialize in Identifying and Punishing Violators

An HOA company also makes sure that the community members adhere to HOA covenants. It is good to note that community covenants and guidelines existed even before the board and management company were selected. Therefore, compliance with these guidelines is a must, and non-compliance attracts association action.

5. A HOA Management Company can Overrule Board Decisions

Even with an HOA management company in place, the board has the final say. As such, the management company cannot overrule board decisions. Nevertheless, the board can request a management company to make complicated decisions on its behalf. Also, the company can advise the board on matters of concern.

6. HOA Management Companies Conceal Crucial Information

A reputable HOA management company should not hide essential information from the community.  It should have open lines of communication with community members, respond to questions and concerns, and handle misunderstandings. However, since management companies act on behalf of the board, most communication issues start with the board, not the company.

7. An HOA Management Company does not Handle Conflicts

One of the core responsibilities of an HOA management company is to resolve disputes amicably using the HOA’s dispute resolution policy. The company also works to reduce conflicts through effective communication. While the company should not take sides in conflicts between the association and members or amongst members, it can offer conflict resolution strategies.

8. An HOA Management Company Works Virtually

A management company provides guidance, strategic planning, and implements board decisions. To handle these roles effectively, the board and company must meet often to discuss matters and establish a professional relationship. Consequently, virtual support is inadequate, and the management company should also offer in-person support through one-on-one meetings.

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